Little artist at work.
The blue room offers a private
bathroom,  a queen bed and a futon
The white room offers a private bathroom ,
a queen bed and a writing desk.
The green room has a double bad
and a desk .
The south room has a queen bad
and a desk.
Morning Glory BnB
Woodstock New York
141 tinker Street
Back yard concert
Dove House on Tannery Brook.  This is a tiny
house you will love to experience! It's located in
the village of Woodstock, a short walk to the
center on town. It offers a roomy, queen-sized
loft bedroom with a skylight through which you
can look to infinity, full bathroom with deep
bathtub; mini-kitchen with stove; and a private
patio over brook.....
Another side of
house have two
more parking space.